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About the SthCoast Web Site

SthCoast is developed and managed by chris morris (email). The text of the Siberian trip diary was mostly contributed by Mark Rogers who spent many hours huddling in sheltered locations scribbling in his book when he could otherwise have been gainfully employed drinking vodka.

The initiative for the site comes from a trip to Siberia and the Russian Far East that Mark and I did in 1999.  The site was established to avoid having to bore ourselves, and others, by describing what happened over and over again - it's better than a chain letter. Since then I've put some more stuff on it including an Afghan Diary I put togther while in Afghanistan and a trip thru india, bangladesh and other parts of asia

The objectives of the site include:

publishing our siberian trip diary
assisting potential visitors to Russia to realise that potential
providing links to sites that we find of interest in Russia
providing links to sites in NZ that I think may be of interest to people who visit this site
presenting a pictorial diary of Afghanistan
providing information to people on what I do and have done
generally assisting people if they want information or assistance in the fields I know

For those of you who like paraphrasing the things I know or am interested in include canoeing, motorbikes, mountains, rivers, the sea, fishing, diving, Russia, Siberia, the Russian Far East, Afghanistan, computer consulting, web stuff, skiing and so on.

The general structure of the site at the home page level is:

travel in Russia, Russia links and our trip - the birch forest photo
Afghan Diary, photos and some notes from Afghanistan - the picture of a city
NZ links - the fern
chris's nz adventure stuff - the canoe photo
info on the site - the Wellington south coast photo - this page

The views expressed on this web site are my own and may be incomplete, or inaccurate - but that's life.

I don't mind getting feedback on the site so if you can provide some or if you have any links that you think should be included please email



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