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The views expressed in this story are our own, and based on the experiences we had while in Russia. Some areas may be incomplete, or innaccurate - but that's life. Views are not necessarily those of our Tour Guides.
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Table of Contents

Navigate the Russian Journey with a map
Part 1 - The Arrival in Russia
Part 2 - The Altai and the Katun River; Onto the River
Part 2 - The Altai and the Katun River; Birthdays, Bivvy Sacks and Stories
Part 2 - The Altai and the Katun River; The Banya, Songs and another Birthday
Part 2 - The Altai and the Katun River; Stitches and Sinkings and back to Barnaul
Part 3 - Barnaul to Irkutsk; Bars & Trains
Part 4 - Lake Baikal; Raw Fish, Cliffs and Caves
Part 5 - Irkutsk and the Trip to Vladivostok; The City, the Train, the Train ...
Part 6 - Vladivostok and the Primorskye Krai; Vladivostok and the Trip to the Kema
Part 6 - Vladivostok and the Primorskye Krai; On the Kema - exciting and very beautiful
Part 6 - Vladivostok and the Primorskye Krai; The Sea of Japan and back to Vlad
Part 6 - Vladivostok and the Primorskye Krai; The Bay of Islands off Vladivostok
Part 6 - Vladivostok and the Primorskye Krai; Departure

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Chris and Mark go to RUSSIA - a summary itinerary

1999 Where Mark Where Chris What
June 25 Depart Wellington - Auckland - Chicago
June 26 Depart Chicago Wellington – Auckland - LA
June 27-30 LA Wuppetal


July 1-15 London Innsbruck



July 16 Moscow Meet at Sheremetov 2.

Wait for Sasha

Fly to Barnaul overnight

July 17 Barnaul Bus to Katun 11 hours
July 18-24 Katun River Paddle & Party
July 25 Barnaul Bus back
July 26 Novosibirsk Get on the Trans Siberian
July 27 Siberia Train
July 28 Irkutsk Meet Baikal Complex 5:30am

Drive to Lake Baikal 6 hours

July 29-31 Lake Baikal Paddle
August 1 Irkutsk City Tour
August 2-4 Train Look out the Window
August 4 Vladivistok Met by Lucky Tours, plan rafting trip
August 5 Road Drive to Kema 19 hours
August 6-10 Kema Paddle
August 11 Beach Japan Sea coast – dive, swim, vodka
August 12 Road Drive to Vladivistok 14 hours
August 13 Reineke Swim, dive, fish
August 14 Vladivostok Air show, fly out 6:00pm
August 15 Seoul KAL
August 16 Fly Seoul – Hong Kong – Auckland – Wellington
August 17 Home

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